The Process

A Frontier Barn Home begins with the vision of its homeowner. Working with us, the homeowner creates a unique timber frame that fits both their lifestyle and site attributes. This is achieved by working through the following 7 stages:

First Stage - Initial meeting to discuss your project ideas and budget;

Second Stage - Determine the size of the structure, and the types of timbers (Pine, Douglas Fir, Oak etc.);

Third Stage - Custom design your plan by creating a 3D drawing, which aids in visualizing the scale, shape and size of your timber frame;

Fourth Stage - Once a design has been determined and approved by you, we will have the architectural and engineering drawings created and submitted to your local building department for approval;

Fifth Stage - Once a building permit has been issued your local contractor is able to start on your foundation, at which time we are ready to order your material;

Sixth Stage - We now start to notch the timbers using traditional timber frame joinery and marked using a code that is followed on site to ensure an efficient raising. After all the mill work is finished, the timbers are treated to specifications (stained, planed, hand-hewn etc.) and then checked again to ensure accurate and precise construction on the site.  The frame is then wrapped and put away until shipment and final assembly;

Seventh Stage - The timber frame is delivered to your site and raised by a Frontier crew.